Press Release: Beat the blues with Relaxation Meditation Classes starting in Birmingham this September

Beat the blues with Relaxation Meditation Classes starting in Birmingham

Press Release

Friday 30th August 2013, Birmingham

  • Are you rushed of your feet at work?
  • Pressured by relationships in your life?
  • Having trouble sleeping?

Well a new series of relaxation meditation classes starting in September may just be the answer Relaxation Meditation What is it about life that is abolishing our attention spans, keeps piling on a perception of pressure, and disturbing our sleep, and more importantly how can you combat this? Studies show that taking time out to relax and meditate can provide a real solution and have numerous health and psychological benefits too.

Relaxation meditation isn’t about being a bearded man wrapped in saffron on a mountain top, any one can do it and once you have learnt the techniques it doesn’t cost a penny just a little time and commitment to practice, it’s all within reach!

Preya Chauhan, from Cherish Healing says ‘Simply put Relaxation meditation is the practice of inner peace and focused awareness, which is easier said than done but is possible. In our relaxation classes work with a range of different techniques to support people in stepping back, observing, without judgement, with a relaxed, calm mind’

‘It’s not about putting a mental dam stopping all thought the practice of using breath as an allie and being a witness to your thoughts.The benefits are far and wide and can even continue to work after you have finished meditating”.

A Harvard study has found that participating in an eight-week meditation training program can have measurable effects on how the brain functions even when someone is not actively meditating. Meditation helps in reducing stress improving clarity of mind and even speeding up recovery of the body after operations. When we are relaxed we enable to bodies own physiology to work more efficiently.

The Relaxation classes start on Monday 9 September, at 10.30am – 11.30am at Thimblemill Library, Thimblemill Rd, B67 5RJ;

Friday 13 September, 7.00pm – 8.00pm St Gregory’s, Wigorn Rd, Bearwood, B67 5HQ

Sunday 15 September, 7.15pm – 8.15pm Barefoot Birmingham (Yoga Studio), 7 High St, B17 9NT

£8.50 per class (concessions for unwaged or students)

For more information call 07889741772 or go to the Cherish Healing website


Note to Editors: About Preya Chauhan and Cherish Healing

Preya had a fast pace successful career in Television (BBC, Chanel Four, BskyB) and the Arts (Birmingham REP, DanceXchange, The New Art Gallery Walsall) before switching roles to set up her own well being business. Over the past ten years she found herself experiencing dark bouts of stress anxiety and found practices like meditation or holistic therapies really provided massive benefit, this started with Reiki training from her yoga teacher in 2007.

On my journey I pursued holistic training in earnest with meditation, Thai massage, reflexology, Indian Head massage. I traveled, trained and found work at a depression, anxiety and addiction retreat as an intern and even worked for a luxury health retreat owned by Hugh Jackman in Australia. I travel far and wide to draw in a collection of practices and set up my business in 2011 with help of a local natural health college that had been under my nose the whole time in the West Midlands. I found the combination of practices really helped me regain a connection to myself and just had to share the practice and skills that helped transform my life.

Since setting up Cherish Healing I have worked with the NHS, The Multiple Sclerosis Society and several breast cancer charities delivering treatments to public and private clients experiencing burn out, the feedback has been amazing and it has really driven me forward. Cherish Healing work with natural therapies such as Meditation, reflexology, Indian Head massage and more for optimum rest, relaxation and rejuvenation the natural way.With meditation and relaxation techniques I found I was able to draw upon (a drug free) sense of compassion in my heart with clarity of mind. The practice helped my build a real sense of purpose and blissful feeling of peace.

Although like everyone else it’s not all plain sailing, I do have my choppy moments, but feel better equipped now than ever before.I work with ancient meditation techniques and fuse them with contemporary relaxation practices with a touch of creativity. I have developed methods along the way for an accessible simple to do and engaging practice. Now I am focusing my energies on sharing this with as many people as humanly possible!

‘Meditation is amazing! Real incentive to leave work on time and make Preya’s class. Preya has a lovely teaching method it’s a truly relaxing class, educational and enjoyable. Helping me with my anxiety and the challenges life throws at me, thank you’ Sally (Meditation)

Contact For more information call 07889741772 or go to the Cherish Healing website