As a therapist I find it an essential to get regular treatments, keeping myself nourished is a priority and I have an open mind to practices old and new.

I hold a cherished space for 5 elements acupuncture in my heart, as it was duringsaid treatment in Australia where an eureka moment led to me changing vocations and retraining as a therapist.

To be honest it was bit of a surprised at the time.  I was working at a wellbeing retreat in Australia and I kept on hearing about 5 Elements and this amazing therapist Neal over and over, the majority of the other therapists and senior management went to him so I though what better recommendation that that?

It was only after I had booked in for this 5 elements treatment that I realized it was acupuncture. I don’t want to be a pincushion I thought, (regressing to horrors of immunisation for trips to India where as a child I’d walked out of many a surgery to avoid the dreaded jab!) Luckily Neal’s recommendations were too strong and I managed to talk myself around and had several amazing treatments.

What is5 Elements Acupuncture?


Well it’s a form of therapy that involves using needles and herbs to balance the body. ‘In Chinese philosophy the belief is that our health is dependent on the body’s motivating energy (Qi) moving through a series of channels which flow beneath our skin. It is this Qi which becomes out of balance and is corrected through the insertion of needles.’According to Chinese theory, we’re made up of the 5 Elements:Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

They’re our creative and controlling energies and ideally should all be in balance. Your therapist diagnoses problems by evaluating your colour, sound, odour or emotion. This enables them to put together a treatment that will treat what Element you represent. This ancient system enables the body/mind/spirit to heal itself, as far as nature will allow.

So my treatment was part of a swaps with a colleague of mine Manjeet Ark, she’s getting her end of the deal next week!

Manjeet is actually a qualified pharmacist and medically trained so it’s reassuring that she has a foot in both allopathic (western mainstream medical practices) and eastern treatment knowledge. Manjeet practices acupuncture from private clinics in Birmingham and we had shared banter a few times across the reception desk at Barefoot Birmingham where I teach meditation. We got talking about treatments and before I knew it we both had dates in the diary.

On the day I turned up and I went into the elegantly designed room, which was welcoming and began the session. I personally think to get the best out of treatments is to be as open as possible and give yourself permission to be vulnerable in trusted hands. Manjeet made me feel at ease and had a real sense of care as I share my personal and private information. From topics such as relationships, my womanly cycle down to my bowel movements!


It was insightful just to talk and to reflect, and before I new it I was on the table receiving needles to my back. Manjeet kept the conversation flowing which was a welcomed distraction from the idea that pins were being inserted into my body. Did it hurt…? Yes a bit, but hey I’m a brave lady and it was much less uncomfortable that you may think. I then had some herbs and moxibustion treatments done. This was new to me and very exciting. Just watching the smoke to the herbs flow upward and away from the body was therapeutic in itself. I also got given some moxa to work on some self-healing at home. I love treatments with a bit of sustainability and shared knowledge.


The treatment was over after more needles and chat, I felt totally fine and cared for which was lovely, feeling pretty immune to any dramatic effects of the treatment off I set.

That was until I left to pay in a cheque at the bank and pick a few things from the high street and felt myself feeling as if I was floating. It was an amazing feeling of lightness, open heartedness and deep deep calm. I got given a discount at a shop and event got asked out on date in this state! Luckily I had cleared my diary so I could rest after the treatment and had a few hours deep sleep followed by a hot yoga session to cap off my night.

All in all I feel that there are a number of ways to address your health and rebalance the body. I think the value of the treatment and consultation is massive.  Often it’s time for reflection and self care that people neglect, making a point (pardon the pun) to priorities your nourishment is super important, if you’re a therapist or not.

Seeing what you are drawn to and allowing yourself once in a while to be given a helping hand is a brilliant idea, but then again I would say that wouldn’t I ;-)

For more information on Manjeet check out her website with this link