1)   Quite time - Find some time for yourself while the party or festivities are kicking off.  Retreat, and steal away 5 minutes, go to an empty room and sit – bring awareness to your feet, your breath and the way your body moves as you inhale slowly and exhale slowly.  This precious regrouping time can help to calm nerves, and give you a boost of peacefulness amongst the fun and chaos!


2)   Hydration – I bang on about this but, with much rich food and drink

 flowing we can get exhausted and forget to keep ourselves hydrated. Maintain your water levels - A peppermint tea post big lunch can really sooth the tummy in my experience!


3)   Manage expectations - Gratitude maybe hard to show after the 4 pair of novelty socks, but maintaining the attitude of gratitude is essential to your happiness. Sometime we don’t get what we want but remembering the value of people, their thoughts and time above material items can really help our state of mind.   Remember if you have been given something you will not use, then a charity shop may be the perfect home for your unwanted gift.


4)   Loving kindness – around family, at times this can be testing. Especially with many awkward questions, laced with comparisons ( if your family is anything like mine).  Remember, questions often arise from concern for your wellness, my grandmother saying I gallivant around and need to get married is more about her love for me than a personal criticism.  From her generation, a settled person is a complete person.  By accepting this as a generational perspective and remembering her love for me, it helps me from getting frustrated and my feelings hurt. The affirmation ‘I love and accept myself as I am’ can also be of great assistance and bit of a mantra for myself during the gaze of family at times.


5)   Outdoor walks – its cold, maybe we will even have snow this year? Wrap up super warm, and take your self out in our beloved winter season. A great way to work that hangover out the system too!  I’m an advocate for activity, proven to help both physically and mentally.  Parks are free and taking a walk in the crisp fresh air can rally help us to reconnect to our bodies through movement.


Above all enjoy some rest, sleep and fun along the way.  If you didn’t enjoy your last Christmas, think about maybe trying something different this year Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!