Running low on energy seems to be a big problem here are my 5 Tips for more Energy!

Ultimately if we are unusually tired for a long time we need a good look at our lifestyle. Get in touch with your doctor if the tiredness seems persistent.

See below with some ideas you may want to try to see how your energy can be rebuilt

1)Breath, life force, Chi is the name in some circles. Are you persistently breathing from your chest? Put your hands by your tummy and allow several gentleabdominal breaths. When you do this you use more of your lungs capacity allowing more oxygen into your body and brain! Do at least 10 breaths every morning

2)For breakfast fill your tummy with fruit to nourish your self first thing. Avoid processed or sugary food, which will give you an instant high then, an energy crash. I’m a big fan of bananas, keep it light! Maybe try cutting a melon the night before and storing in the fridge ready for the next day!


3)Notice how you feel around people. If you feel a drain on your energy bring awareness to your breath and your body. When you are more connected to yourself you are better equipped to help othersor find your own space to regroup.

4)Sleep – for restful nights sleep try eating a kiwi 2 hours before you go to sleep and avoid use of technology at least an hour before bed.

5)Stand in the sunshine with your eyes closed, even for just 60 seconds. If there is no sun imagine a light radiating outwards from your heart till it fills your whole body.