I often see clients with weak core strength, (myself included) and encourage people to work ion their core (myself included).  Benefits are not just about aesthetics , but about can help with posture, neck and back issues and even confidence!

I came across  this article and found ti pretty helpful, I hope you do too!

'Myth 1: The most efficient ab exercises are done on the floor

If you look forward to the core section of your workout because you get to to lay down, no judgement—but you’re doing it all wrong. “The most effective movement is having a 360-degree motion that incorporates the entire body,” explains Massenburg.

In fact, his go-to core move is actually a variation on a lunge. Here’s how it works: load a dumbell onto your left shoulder, then take a step forward with the right foot and come down into a lunge. Then, at the same time, throw the weight across the bent knee to the right hip, and bring the right foot and left hand back to the start position.

“One of the best things about the lunge-and-chop is that you have acceleration and deceleration,” he explains, adding that kettlebell swings have a similar effect on the core. “When you’re throwing a load in one direction, it calls for a lot of core activation, as does slowing it down and going back to starting position.”