When I first heard the news, or rather gathered the outcome by reading my newsfeed, I felt deeply calm.  Not sad, or devastated, or happy (I voted remain) I felt detached.  As I witnessed peoples turmoil on my FaceBook newsfeed, I maintained this sense of calm.  I messaged people on my feed who were happy with the out come, to understand what prompted their choices.

Remaining  calm still. 

Practicing kindness and respect, I messaged friends from the EU, reassuring them how much they were loved, and needed.  

However as time past, and I continued to scroll further I felt myself hit, smacked bang in my achileese heel, RACISM. I felt myself slowly crumble, hearing horrible stories of abuse and hate crimes happening to my friends.  Not some stranger on a viral clip, but MY actual (people I love and adore) friends.  

I sent my messages of love, and as a small act of self preservation I took Facebook off my phone, it's still on my computer.

I'm sure many folks out their have their own tale to tell.  How are you coping?

If you are experiencing anxiety about Brexit, maybe reducing or stopping Facebook or news for a little while to reset?

Here are some other tips from the mental health foundation that may help people out there.

'Here are our  (Mental Health Foundation) suggestions to help you strengthen your resilience;

  • Permission to be heard; everyone has the right to respectfully express what they think and feel and to be respected in return. Seeking to understand and accepting that it’s okay for others to have different views is an important first step in managing anger.
  • Know yourself; be aware of what you are feeling and identify if there are particular triggers for strong reactions. Consider how you can manage or avoid those triggers.
  • Assert control; if you can resist responding or acting in a state of agitation and instead from a place of calm, you will prevent a situation from escalating.
  • Find an outlet; find something that helps you change state. Places to relax, a person to talk to, regular exercise or healthy eating have all shown to be effective in managing stress.
  • Stay connected; if you are part of a community or if you are religious or spiritual - these networks can give you a way of staying connected to something bigger and provide consolation in times of difficulty.
  • Turn off each day; news is now available 24hrs a day and so much exposure to uncertainty can be stressful, though it’s important to stay informed, be aware of how it is making you feel and limit yourself to how many times you check you phone.
  • Get help; it is better to act early if you feel rising levels of stress. There are a range of online resources and apps available plus effective psychological therapies through the NHS.
  • Look outwards; keep an eye out for your friends and family who may be struggling.'

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