Create your own Meditation Sanctuary


If you want an enhanced meditation practice, one way to tilt the odds in favour of is to do so in a peaceful serene space.  There are some really calming energies in places of worship be it a church (I recently visited the Rosslyn chapel in Scotland – it was lush) or a beautiful park. However in a world where time is hard to find for such visits and to build meditation into your lifestyle why not create an environment that suits you, in your own home. 

Inside the Rosslyn Chapel


Here are my top 5 tips for creating the perfect space for meditation


Pick a spot, any spot

And stick to it.  If it is in the corner of your bedroom, spare box room or even your empty attic, let this be a consistent place for you. Best to de clutter an area you find most peaceful, and let others you share the space with know your intention. This helps to reduce distractions and build a connection to your daily practice.


Can you think of a place in your home?


Sit on it

When I studied yoga in India my guru gave me a small red felt mat. Big enough for me to sit crossed legged on, whilst having all my person on the mat.  I roll it up and place in a special bag when I’m done, and it as since travelled with me across the country.  You may have a favourite cushion, or even a chair if that suits you better when aiming for a tall spine.



If you like incense or candles, maybe you can start your own ritual where you light a candle and gaze at the flame for a few moments to help get you in the zone. If you are going for an aromatherapy candle, sandalwood or frankincense are fragrances that lend themselves to a meditation state.


Are there any scents that you adore?


Tuning in

You may wish to use a meditation CD, or have some soothing sounds to start you off. Be sure that the music if you choose to have it helps your practice, and doesn’t add another distraction or disturbance. I sometimes like the sound of the sea to help synchronise my breath to.


What sounds help you relax?



You can help to create a sense of your own connection by selecting a few joyful items.  An inspirational picture or a shell found on your favourite beach.  When we approach our practice with a sense of kindness and love we get deeper and more powerful.


Do you have any objects that help you feel this way or cherished items that you have positive memories attached to?

What ever works for you

What ever works for you