So this year I have had 2 holidays.

One with the boyfriend and the other with a friend (and her friends). Both lovely and hard as hell.  

The fact that you are on holiday sometimes feels a bit backwards, that you should automatically enjoy yourself because it's a holiday, because thats the idea right? You may see holidays as an escape  from stress, but when the holiday becomes the source of stress then what?  

This is living with anxiety and depression. The fun never stops.  

I have been 'there', and have mined some gems to share with you.

1) Choose your travel partner well. Do you like to plan, or are you more spontaneous?

I get a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when traveling, so planning a little helps me deal with this.  A little research can go a long way.  For those who are more spontaneous a new set of possibilities can arise, be sure to match your travel partners well. This way at best you can come to a compromise if they differ BEFORE HAND, so that each persons expectations are managed and best met. 

2) Let the people know your state

Things are getting better but I still find it hard to share my beautiful truth. My name is Preya and I experience depression, anxiety and worse. By letting the lead organiser know, they can keep in mind certain aspects of triggers when planning. They may also understand if at times you need a little time for yourself, without causing a big issue. I have a traffic light system, Green - I'm ok, Amber - I'm not, and Red - things are not good at all.  This scale helps me internally track my emotions, and if I need self soothing and help I'll do my best whist in amber to stop the downward spiral to Red. 

3) Find some alone time - Holiday's can get intense at times 

Whilst on the epic 80 mile coastal walk I found time to walk at my own pace, and also dip out at times where I felt too challenged or tired. I totally honoured this feeling.  Alone time can take many forms, often when folks would be hitting social spaces, I'd take an early night and listen to podcasts. 

4) Take some time to meditate 

Guided meditation on YouTube, a lovely view or even at the foot of your bed in a quite space whilst others are out.  Where ever, and however you can find yourself some time to check in , warm up , and meditate.   Here is a meditation playlist that may help

5) Self soothing tools

For me lavender on my pillow, podcasts, raw energy bars are a few!  What kind of self care tips help you whilst on holiday? To give you an example - lavender on a tissue, on top of my pillow helps with the constant changing of beds.  It makes me think of babies who have their blankey, what ever works for you.                                                                                                                                                                                

 6) Hydrate and try to sleep well.

These are oldies but goodies...


If you have any other holiday calm tips or ideas please post below!

Signing off for now, 

Preya x


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