Meditation is linked to success and stress release for some hugely popular icons out there, see article below for my juiciness!

' What’s the evidence that meditation works?

If you listen to interviews of “successful” individuals like Arnold Schwarzenegger(successful Actor, 7 x Mr. Olympia, Former Governor of California), Rick Rubin(producer for some of the greatest artists in the world such as Jay-Z, Eminem, Johnny Cash, Adele, The Beastie Boys, etc.), Josh Waitzkin (Child Chess Prodigy and World Champion Martial Artist) or Tony Robbins (motivational speaker and coach to CEOs and World Leaders), you will notice that all of these people practiced meditation at some point in their careers, and attribute it to their success.

Other, more popularized success stories like Elvis Presley (the best selling solo-artist in the world, second to only The Beatles in certified album sales) built his own Meditation Garden at his home in Memphis.

Not to be outdone, The Beatles practiced daily transcendental meditation, citing increased energy as one of the key benefits of the practice.'

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