Namaste. My name is Lucie, I’m currently a placement student adjusting to the working world. One thing I’m sure about: it’s not until you try it yourself, that you find out how difficult it can be waking up in the morning Monday to Friday after a late night of work. I’ve probably experienced the majority of physical states one can experience in a 9-5 job. Motivation, excitement, laziness, and tiredness – you name it. If there’s a thing many of us have in common it’s that we all can find it difficult to get out of bed time to time. Whether it’s after a late night or interrupted sleep, we enjoy having a few extra minutes after the alarm goes off. Once its time to get out of bed, thoughts such as “do I really neeeed to get up?” “Do I really neeeeed to go into work today?” and picturing yourself staying in bed for a few more hours.

However, once we get into work we end up waking up and being in a better mood. Here are my top 2 tips that I would advise you to follow if you feel demotivated to wake up/get out of bed during the early hours of the day:

1.   Think of how what you will be doing in the day will benefit you in the short and long term. Is there someone you’re doing it for? You may be going into work for overtime so you can buy that special someone his or her favourite gift. Whatever the reason behind the planned day activities, also try to remember they will either benefit you or someone you care about, eventually.

2.   If you wake up wide-awake a few minutes before your alarm – get out of bed. Try to avoid falling back to sleep when you have woken as you will feel a lot more tired once your alarm goes off, making it more difficult to recover in the morning. 

By Lucie Fialova