The definition of mindfulness is “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something”. However there’s a lot more to it and there are many ways we can control our thought process – how we think. Bearing in mind the experiences I’ve acquired since working 9-5, I think the first to becoming a mindful individual is accepting that life is not perfect. Nor will it ever be, but it is in our capability to control it to a certain level. We can sometimes even avoid unpleasant situations (such as arguments with colleagues) just by being mindful of others and understanding that external events we are exposed to cannot be controlled by us. Another way of being mindful to one self is by acknowledging we are only human and it can help to just go easy on ourselves when times are hard.

We should not expect others to understand us straight away, just as we should not expect ourselves to understand things straight away. Thinking solely rationally and logically is not always the case when emotions are involved. Taking time to be mindful and not reacting straight away to certain actions can really be a good habit to get into (e.g. thinking how the other person may feel once you express your opinion on a sensitive matter). There is nothing wrong with actively taking time to think and aiming for inner peace. Acknowledge and enjoy that cereal in the morning. Acknowledge and enjoy being able to sleep in a comfortable bed at night before thinking about anything else. Finally, try to remember everyone deserves happiness. 

By Lucie Fialova