So this month has been really hard, I'll be frank.  being a therpaist some people think we walk on sunshine and feel peaceful most of  the time. But boy was this notion challenged this month...

I uploaded my car for sale on Gumtree and within 10 minutes I got a funny call from this guy in Manchester who said he was in Pakistan and interested in my car.  What followed was around 30 calls from random people though out the day with the last at 9pm which was very distressing and pretty aggressive.  I found Vodaphone pretty useless, although Gumtree siad they had encountered this before but couldn't do anything, and the police couldn't do much either. Luckily this harassment has stopped but I am still a bit shaken up by it to be honest.  

I found this great article which may be of use to some one out there.  In this information age it seems that we can all be targets and vulnerable, so do you best to be safe.  

For more on this read this article on phone hacking by men in the know at Mother Board