Work is tough, life can feel like it get's more stressful and with a record amount of people off with stress or stress related issues what can help maintain moral in the workplace? WE found this article that offers up a few interesting suggestions.

' Free massages, office chiropody and a company fruit budget may sound frivolous, but it makes sound business sense to look after employee health and wellbeing. After all, it is much easier to attract and retain top talent if you have built a reputation for taking good care of your workforce.

"If you have happy, healthy employees, that has an impact on staff motivation, engagement and retention," says Dianne Hol, director of HR at healthcare company Roche.

On-site facilities at Roche include a physiotherapist, chiropodist, massage therapist and sleep pod. Much of the company's health and wellbeing activity is guided by its wellbeing steering group, which also delivers an annual wellbeing week. "It helps to maintain a positive, creative atmosphere that promotes individual, and company, success," says Hol.' For more click here

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