If one thing moving home 3 times in 6 months has taught me is that stuff can weigh you down.  I remember when I was backpacking at the age of 19 in to San Fransisco and out of New York.  Everything I needed for the 3 months I carried with me.  It made me reflect on how many things a person actually needs to live.  

Anyhow I digress, during my moves I had a bolt of light.  This bolt came in the form of Japanese lifestyle practitioner Marie Kondo.  The audio book is a bit anecdotal at points but the ultimate message is to keep things in your life that spark joy, discard the rest.    

The tidy nerd in me loved this folding techniques


But this was the film I watched whilst doing my ironing and other domestic chores


This is the latest audio book for those who want to jump in