When I was younger I used to watch TV. Normal, right? Well the longer I'd watch the less I was in the 'real world' and the more i literally got sucked into whatever I was watching, the TV would vanish, the room, even me. My consciousness would float bound to whatever storyline was playing out in front of my eyes.

So my boyf went away for a week and boom his amazon prime was the perfect baby sitter/ second boyf.  Parks and Rec has been the latest bff.  So much so I went into a full Leslie Knope enthusiastic stream at, yes at, the woman on the reception on the garage I dropped my car off at.  Over familiar to the max.  (Does anyone say that anymore? no don't think so..)

So back to the title.  Why box sets are bad for you in bullet from..

  • Your eyes get blurry after the 5 eps in a row.
  • Your virtual friends are not real, although very funny and endearing.
  • Escapism from what may I ask?
  • Reading is far cooler, and better for the brain.
  • Your boyf will mock you on a regular about it.  
  • no delaying of gratification (which apparently good for adulting). next episode playing in 10 seconds. YES PLEASE.
  • Lazy in bed begets lazy in bed

But they are also great because

  • You get to work from your bed office with company
  • It's easy to do, I love comedy, good writing, and also looking at the beautiful and perfect comedy contrast to the brilliant Amy Poehler - Rashida Jones

but also for this...