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Students As Young As Five Doing Daily Meditation


Students As Young As Five Doing Daily Meditation

There are many benefits to children adopting meditation at an early age. Even children undergo stress during their lives and knowing how to relax and think mindfully is the first step...

"Students as young as five are doing daily meditation in class as the mindfulness movement sweeps Victorian schools. Wellbeing workers are becoming more common as schools integrate mental health into learning to improve student wellbeing, grades and social skill..."

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Be part of International Dance Festival Birmingham  | Performance Opportunity | In A Landscape Local volunteers required for community ensemble.


If you are age 16 - 60, live in Birmingham, are confident, reasonably agile, and would enjoy being part of an ensemble in the amazing setting of the Municipal Bank, this opportunity is for you. Any level of experience of yoga, martial arts like Karate or Aikido, mindful movement or similar physical activity or meditation will be helpful. But you don't have to be an expert. Motivation, curiosity and self-discipline are more important. 


A live performance unlike any other, this dynamic new piece incorporating Shun Ito's installation, Cells, will combine hypnotic electronic sounds played live by Liverpool's guitar-based percussive innovators Ex Easter Island Head, sculpture, movement, and fizzing electric light bulbs.

The ensemble will create a moving human installation using "mindful movement" to develop a mesmerizing kinetic landscape around the sculpture.

"The ensemble will perform quiet serene movement, for example mindful walking, or at times remain in stillness, achieved through an inner quality and focused mind. We will also assist Ex Easter with the music, for example playing singing bowls. The aim is to leave audiences with a sense of peace and tranquility." - Kei Miyata (director)

The total length of the piece will be 45 minutes and the ensemble section is likely to be around 15 - 20 minutes. Performances run from 12 - 14 May.


This is a voluntary opportunity with highlights of participation including:

  • Being part of an ensemble of performers for the World Premiere of Kei Miyata's In A Landscape, working with an acclaimed Japanese artist and Ex Easter Island Head.  Kei's style of working is holistic, based on dance, Meridian Yoga and meditation and is beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing.
  • A taster workshop / audition with Kei Miyata and Ex Easter Island Head at DanceXchange.
  • Participation in 7 rehearsal workshops to create a highly original piece combining sculpture, live music, and movement.
  • 4 performances at the Municipal Bank, Broad Street, as part of IDFB 2016.

You can read more details, including the rehearsal schedule, here: CALLOUT


To request an application form or for more information, please contact Suriya: