Jeremy Corbyn

I am a fan.  when  hear JC speak I feel it is coming from a really fresh perspective for a politician.  I believe him.  I believe in him.  When I came across this article I felt it hit the nail on the head on many counts.  The idea of more balance in the news, the idea that we need lifting as part of our reality check.

What do you think? Thanks to the gems at Positive News

' The Labour leader has moved ahead in the polls, showing a clear appetite for his positive approach to politics, writes Giselle Green. And it’s not just politicians that need to take note, it’s journalists too

Jeremy Corbyn may not have won the election battle but he did win the battle for electability. Today a YouGov survey for The Times puts him ahead of Theresa May for the first time as voters’ choice for who would make the best prime minister. Some 35 per cent of respondents thought the Labour leader would make the country’s best leader, while 34 per cent backed May, and 30 per cent were unsure.

May’s collapse began with her negative, soundbite-driven, policy-lite campaign and her ‘manifesto of misery’. In stark contrast, Corbyn’s meteoric rise was rooted in his positive, energetic and policy-driven campaign, and his manifesto of hope.

Where Corbyn refused to indulge in personal attacks, these were the lifeblood of May’s approach. Where her campaign was mirrored by the right wing media’s Project Fear (and Project Terrorist), his was bolstered by social media’s Project Hope.'


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