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Mindfulness in the Workplace: Benefits, Risks, Complexities

A lot of research has been carried out on mindfulness and has proved it has many benefits when practiced at work. 

"There is an increasingly nuanced understanding of the potential benefits and risks of mindfulness strategies (including meditation and yoga) in the workplace. A recent Harvard Business Review article entitled “How Meditation Benefits CEOs”discusses the empirical research that has established the effectiveness of mindfulness strategies for enhancement of resilience, emotional intelligence, empathy, creativity, and mental focus.

The neuroscience of mindfulness techniques also is more convincing than ever. This research demonstrates that mindfulness techniques can induce..."

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Welcome to our lovely new Marketing interns!

Giving a warm welcome to our new interns Lucie and Dhara!

Lucie Fialova, New Media and Marketing Intern

Lucie is a Marketing Student with a big interest in holistic healing. 'I like helping others with simple and highly beneficial life techniques. A health-nerd like myself believes in complementary practices that can only benefit an individual and help them gain control of their life'.  From personal experience Lucie has tried practices such as Yoga, Reiki, and Meditation and can 'confirm these practices will truly allow positive energy to flow into ones life'. 



Dhara Bharchha, Sales & Marketing Intern

Dhara is  a second year student at Aston University studying for a degree in Business Management & Public Policy.   At school and university Dhara has taken a key interest in sports - playing lacrosse, netball and tennis competitively. Dhara has have also participated in the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme as well as being a dance instructor for a Honey's dance academy.  Dhara has a person experience of understanding special needs with  younger brother who an acquired brain injury, 'I have developed a direct understanding of the challenges faced by children with special needs'