We provide corporate on site massage and  complementary therapies creating a relaxing and invigorating experience at events. Our services are designed to attract people to your stand and connect you with the 'feel good' feeling of massage. 

Seated massage is a rejuvenating treatment that’s perfect for the events. Our highly trained massage therapists use a combination of massage and acupressure techniques on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and scalp. No need to undress and as no oils are used you can go straight back to the conference refreshed and revitalised.


We can help to support your marketing by gently encouraging people to tweet about the massage at your stand and support any marketing messages on the day.  We can even wear your branded T-shirts to keep the message clear.


Benefits of Massage at events:


Eye catching and attractive something different at conferences

Demonstrates care for your customers

 Eases tense and knotted muscles

 Helps induce relaxation and a sense of well-being

 Increases mental alertness and clarity

 Increases endorphin release,  decreases stress hormones level 


An example of the onsite treatments we offer; 

• 5 minute to 10 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Massages

• 5 minute to 10minute Reiki tasters

• 5 minute to 10  minute Indian Head Massages

• 5 minute to 10minute chair massages

• Hand and Arm Massages

(price depends upon numbers and location)





Attact customers to your stand at events 

Attact customers to your stand at events