There are some great resources out there. I have compiled some informative and inspiring talks I have come across over the years and a few meditations for you too . Enjoy!

Guided Meditation for beginners


Guided Meditation for diaphragm breathing 

This talk looks at research into the power behind our body language and how it can affect the way we feel and act. A very fine example of big transformation through small changes, by Amy Cuddy


What is Embodiment?  Basically, how we are in the body and what it conveys both internally to yourself and externally to the world.  We can learn techniques to help us feel more resilient to stress, help us communicate better at work and with our loved ones, and help us shift our mood when we need to. I spent 2014 on a year long Embodiment Facilitation Course learning with Mark Walsh and developing my skill base around this valuable and insightful subject.


Brene Brown is amazing on so many levels. This short animation helps us reconnect to ourselves and others when in pain.  Empathy is feeling with people. Below that clip is Brene’s amazing talk on vulnerability, which is helpful when you're in need of permission to be exactly who you are.

For the brave dreamers and people wanting inspiration to reach out and say yes...Powerful performance poetry by Andrea Gibson

A lovely short film on Depression made by the World Health Organisation. As someone who has experienced depression in my past I think this is a sweet portrayal of how it can feel


Short clip from about the benefits of meditation Jon Kabat- Zinn a pioneer of scientific research on meditation.

For some great studies on meditation click here for comprehensive and well researched paper.