All my sessions have felt very calming and relaxed. I have been put at ease by Preya’s manner and concern for my wellbeing. The indian Head Massage is invigorating in parts and calming in others, I felt as if my body was thankful for it
— Henry | Yogi | Indian Head Massage
Felt relaxed yet focused! Friendly group leader and gave me tools to help clear my mind. It was amazing! It gave me a new way to relieve the stress & Preya was such a good teacher!
— Birmingham City University Student - Mindfulness Session
Priya was fantastic and had the right knowledge around what she was discussing. Her passion shone through and I would definitely recommend her if you wish to see changes in yourself
— Mohammed Ali | Wellbeing in the works place event | Civil Servant | Ministry of Justice
Preya is an absolutely excellent healer, she enables you to have the tools to live life and help you get through everyday experiences bringing in calmness and peacfulness
— Orisa | Multiple Sclerosis weekly drop in centre | Reiki
Malcolm Brice

Malcolm Brice

‘A big thank you to Preya Chauhan at Cherish Healing Meditation for a great 4 week series of meditation classes ‘Moment of Calm’ which finished yesterday. In a friendly relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of meditation techniques and guided meditations, exploring ways to remain calm in a modern hectic lifestyle. I fully recommend these courses and am sure you’ll feel the benefits very quickly!’
— Malcolm | Malcolm Brice Photographer| Meditation Course)
I’ve found the meditation very valuable and most importantly Preya has made it very accessible to us. The teaching has been varied, and there is plenty that we can take away with us and practice.
— Jane Hobbs | Owner of The Renaissance Holistic Therapy Centre | Meditation
I loved the workshop on Monday. So much useful information was shared in just 2 hours. It was very professionally presented and well structured and timed - which pleased me greatly being a bit Virgo. I really enjoyed the opportunity to go a bit deeper in a work environment, to take a bit of time to connect with my inner life which can often be difficult or overlooked in a work space. I feel it was beneficial and stimulated me to think about how I operate at work and interact with people and manage stress. I thought you held the space really well making it safe so that I was able to fully engage with the activities. It was also a lot of fun.
— Sam Mace | Artist | Customer Service training New Art Gallery Walsall
First time attending a yoga class, have been meaning to for a long time, glad I came. Really enjoyed the class would recommend to anyone to try and get away from the daily stresses
— Kelly Williams | Captain of Khalsa womens football team Willenhall | Yoga
Jane Hobbs

Jane Hobbs

Preya as fantastic, Explained all techniques in depth, very profesional, approachable and friendly manner, I would recommend her!
— Tina Kaur Dhillan | Seated Yoga relaxation class | Wellbeing in the workplace event | Ministry of Justice
The experience was simply amazing. It was great to feel how smooth my breath is. Feel fully relaxed now.
— Jaspreet Singh | V.P. Student | BCU Mindfulness Session
I found the session on Tuesday amazing! Afterwards I went home and slept all afternoon! I then had the best night’s sleep I could have ever had. I couldn’t believe it but my body must have obviously just needed that balance! Thank you!
— Charlotte Island | Reiki
Charlotte Island

Charlotte Island

Today I had reflexology, very comfortable and relaxing, feet felt so soft afterwards. A well deserved treat for me feet.
— Claire Rudge | Multiple Sclerosis weekly drop in centre | Reflexology
‘Had reflexology and meditation, very relaxing . Interesting to find out footwear can effect my wellbeing. Will act on information gained, will be having more treatments again’
— Claire Rudge| Multiple Sclerosis weekly drop in centre| Reflexology & meditation